Order terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Ordering Terms and Conditions") govern the placing of orders on the Internet site of Gratitude Services OÜ located at gratitudeservices.com, registry code 14824443, registered address Telliskivi 60/1, Tallinn 10412, Estonia (hereinafter referred to as “Gratitude Services“).

The Gratitude Services subscription environment provides you with a convenient way to subscribe to maintenance services and send the tomb candles to the grave of your choice in the cemetery listed below. You can place orders via gratitudeservices.com 24 hours a day.

Gratitude Services reserves the right to unilaterally change its terms of service and pricing, reflecting it on the website gratitudeservices.com.

Gratitude Services OÜ is the responsible processor for personal data and shall forward the personal data necessary for making payments to the Authorized Processor Maksekeskus AS.


The prices quoted are final, presented in euros and include VAT.


  1. Search for the buried person whose grave you want to order services. We search for buried persons via public databases. If you do not find the person you are looking for, your desired tomb will be out of our service area at this time and we will not be able to provide the candle delivery service on a campaign basis. Nevertheless, we may provide grave maintenance. The list of services offered opens after the conclusion of the search of the buried person.
  2. Select the services and add them to the shopping cart.
  3. Fill in the required fields - orderer's name and e-mail address and accept the ordering Terms and Conditions to place your order. Also, agree to our Privacy Policy (available at https://gratitudeservices.com/en/privacy-policy/). The processing of personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract.
  4. Upon request, agree to receive future offers from Gratitude Services OÜ.
  5. Select the appropriate payment method - we accept payments via bank links (SEB, LHV, Krediidipank, Luminor, Swedbank), Pocopay, VISA and Mastercard.
  6. Then press the "Pay" button, which will take you to the Payment Center website where you can see the amount of your order in euros and perform the payment.
  7. After performing the payment, be sure to press the "Back to Merchant" button! If you return to the Gratitude Services website after pressing the button, your order has been successfully submitted.
  8. You will receive confirmation letter on your e-mail. If you haven't received confirmation, please send us e-mail info@gratitudeservices.com.


The contract for the provision of the service shall take effect from the moment when the total amount of the order has been received into the bank account of Gratitude Services OÜ. Upon entry into force of the contract, Gratitude Services shall undertake to complete the order in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth in the ordering terms.

Delivery of Candles

- The burning of candles is weather dependent and Gratitude Services cannot be held responsible for the fact that the ordered candle will burn for the time indicated on the package. Gratitude Services ensures that when the candle is placed on the grave, it burns. We will place the candle(s) at the most appropriate place (possibly near the tombstone) found in the relevant search to ensure the longest burning time of the candle.

- If a candle is also ordered with a spruce wreath, we will place it in a suitable place in front of the tombstone.

- Gratitude Services does not provide grave cleaning services in the course of the candle delivery service, but removes the previously burned disposable candles where appropriate.

- Within 2 business days of the delivery of the candles, Gratitude Services will send a photo of the grave with the lit candle to the e-mail address on the order. The service will be deemed to have been rendered and the order fulfilled, even if Gratitude Services has not been able to send the respective photos to the orderer within 2 business days.

Grave Maintenance

  • The maintenance service includes easier removal of leaves, thorns, branches, withered plants, etc. from the grave site on and around the grave site, cutting the lawn, removing trash (including old candles) and watering existing flowers and plants according to the service and period (1x, 2x or seasonal care - 6x) ordered by the customer.
  • The one-off maintenance service will be started no earlier than 1 week before the date specified by the customer and executed no later than the date selected by the customer.
  • Dual maintenance service is provided during the spring (1 service between April-May) and the autumn (1 service between September-October).
  • Seasonal grave maintenance service includes 6 one-off maintenance services from April to October. The first maintenance is carried out between April and May.
  • After maintenance, Gratitude Services will send a photo of the grave within 2 business days before and after maintenance works into the e-mail address specified in the order. The Service will be deemed to have been rendered and the order fulfilled, even if Gratitude Services has not been able to send the respective photos to the orderer within 2 working days.


- Gratitude Services reserves the right, in circumstances beyond our control, to refuse to fulfil an order (e.g. no service location i.e. no grave is found, difficulties in accessing the grave) by refunding c the full amount paid. In the event that an order is refused due to a reason attributable to the orderer (e.g., the subscriber has provided the wrong location), the order amount, minus any costs incurred for preparing the order (including transportation and labour costs), will be refunded to the customer.

- The orderer shall have the right to withdraw from the candle order at any time after placing the order, by sending an application to Gratitude Services OÜ into the e-mail address at info@gratitudeservices.com at least 2 calendar days before the start of the service. The customer will be refunded the full amount paid. If the orderer does not submit the application within the specified time but the order is not performed, 50% of the order amount will be returned to the orderer. Once the order has been completed, the orderer is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the order.

- The orderer has the right to withdraw from the grave maintenance order at any time after placing the order, by sending a relevant application to Gratitude Services OÜ into the e-mail address at info@gratitudeservices.com. The orderer will be refunded the amount, minus the cost incurred to provide the service as of that date. If no maintenance has been performed as of the time of cancellation, Gratitude Services OÜ will refund the full amount prepaid.

- In the event of cancellation of seasonal or multiple grave maintenance service, after partial provision of the said service, reimbursements shall be proportional to the cost of the services not provided. For example, if a €90 seasonal service is cancelled after the first maintenance, €75 (90/6 * 5) will be refunded to the purchaser. The service will be deemed to have been provided and the order fulfilled, even if Gratitude Services will have not been able to send the respective photos to the orderer within 2 business days.


Issues not regulated by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia. Disagreements and disputes shall be resolved by negotiation. In the event in which the disputes arising from the contract cannot be resolved by negotiation, the parties have the right to appeal to the Consumer Protection Board and the court.


We provide grave maintenance services for all Estonian cemeteries and candle delivery service for the following cemeteries:

Cemetery Location (County)
Aegviidu new cemetery Harjumaa, Aegviidu
Aegviidu old Cemetery Harjumaa, Aegviidu
Alajõe Ida-Virumaa, Alajõe
Ambla Järvamaa, Ambla
Ao cemetery  
Audru cemetery  
Avinurme cemetery  
Elva cemetery Tartumaa, Elva
Haapsalu Forest Cemetery Läänemaa, Haapsalu
Haapsalu Old Cemetery Läänemaa, Haapsalu
Halliste cemetery  
Hargla cemetery  
Helme cemetery  
Jõelähtme Harjumaa, Jõelähtme
Jüri cemetery Harjumaa, Jüri
Cemetery of Jüri Church Harjumaa, Jüri
Kaarma cemetery  
Kaitseväe cemetery  
Karjaküla cemetery  
Koeru New Cemetery  
Kõpu (Viljandi) Viljandimaa, Kõpu
Kose cemetery Järvamaa, Kose
Kunda new cemetery  
Kunda old cemetery  
Laanemetsa cemetery  
Loksa cemetery  
Maardu cemetery Harjumaa, Maardu
Märjamaa churchyard Raplamaa, Märjamaa
Märjamaa orthodox cemetery Raplamaa, Märjamaa
Märjamaa Viilumäe Raplamaa, Märjamaa
Narva-Jõesuu Ida-Virumaa, Narva-Jõesuu
Niitsiku Forest Cemetery  
Nissi cemetery Harjumaa, Saue
Nõo cemetery Tartumaa, Nõo
Ohtu Cemetery  
Osula cemetery  
Otepää new cemetery  
Paide Reopalu Järvamaa, Paide
Paide Sillaotsa Järvamaa, Paide
Paikuse cemetery Pärnumaa, Paikuse
Paldiski Cemetery Läänemaa, Paldiski
Paldiski Linnacemetery Läänemaa, Paldiski
Pärnu Alevi cemetery Pärnumaa, Pärnu
Pärnu Forest Cemetery Pärnumaa, Pärnu
Pihlaka Street Cemetery  
Põlva City Cemetery Põlvamaa, Põlva
Puhja cemetery  
Raasiku new cemetery  
Randvere cemetery  
Rapla cemetery Raplamaa, Rapla
Rohuneeme cemetery  
Rõngu cemetery  
Rosma Põlvamaa, Põlva
Saarde cemetery  
Sangaste cemetery  
Sikamäe cemetery Tartumaa
Simuna cemetery  
Taagepera cemetery  
Tallinn Rahumäe cemetery Tallinn
Tallinn Hiiu-Rahu cemetery  
Tallinn Liiva cemetery Tallinn
Tallinn Forest Cemetery Tallinn
Tallinn Pärnamäe cemetery Tallinn
Tallinn Pirita cemetery Tallinn
Tallinn Siselinna Cemetery Tallinn
Tapa cemetery  
Tartu Pauluse Tartumaa, Tartu
Tartu Puiestee Tartumaa, Tartu
Tartu Raadi Tartumaa, Tartu
Tartu Rahumäe Tartumaa, Tartu
Tartu Tuigo Tartumaa, Tartu
Tartu Vanausuliste cemetery Tartumaa, Tartu
Tori cemetery Pärnumaa, Tori
Tõrma cemetery  
Tuhala cemetery  
Uduvere cemetery  
Uulu cemetery  
Väike-Maarja new cemetery  
Väike-Maarja old cemetery  
Vana-Pärnu cemetery Pärnumaa, Pärnu
Vastseliina Võrumaa, Vastseliina
Velise cemetery  
Viljandi Forest Cemetery Viljandimaa, Viljandi
Viljandi St. Paul’s cemetery Viljandimaa, Viljandi
Viljandi Toome cemetery Viljandimaa, Viljandi
Viljandi old cemetery Viljandimaa, Viljandi
Võru cemetery Võrumaa, Võru