About us

Gratitude Services is the first in the world to provide an online graveyard maintenance service and we do it for people familiar with Bolt, Wolt, AirBnb and the like - instant and online. Our job is to make it possible to remember those close to us, despite our busy schedule and distance. We consider it important to have peace of mind within a click.

Our vision is that everyone who wants to show their appreciation and remembrance to their lost ancestors and other loved ones and important people in a modern way, regardless of time and place. We began to realize this vision in the fall of 2019, and with our first Soul Day campaign, we were assured of the need for services.

We offer now the opportunity to send candles to 107 Estonian cemeteries and maintenance services at 323 cemeteries. We plan to expand both the range of services and the number of cemeteries in the spring of 2020.

Time and distance do not matter if you wish to be grateful.

Your Gratitude Services team