About us

Gratitude Services is the first in the world to provide an online service that brings together customers and service providers for graveyard maintenance. We help people for whom it is important to show appreciation and remembrance to their ancestors and deceased loved ones by keeping their last resting place maintained. Our clients are people who cannot go to the cemetery because of health or logistical reasons.

Cemeteries are a public space for all of us that Estonian cemetery law requires to maintain. As we don't like to see abandoned decaying houses in the cityscape or from our home window it is the same with grave sites. We believe that once the cemeteries are in good condition and maintained, it will be easier to visit for all of us.

In Estonia we offer the opportunity to send candles to 107 cemeteries and maintenance services at 325 cemeteries. In future we plan to expand the range of services and start digital mapping of cemeteries that are not digitized yet.

Time and distance do not matter if you wish to be grateful.

Your Gratitude Services team